Posted On 11/23/2015 by St. Pete Chamber
This week’s Bright Spot highlights Intrinio, whose co-founder, Rachel Carperter recently spoke at our Green Bench Conversation on data analytics.

Intrinio provides a breadth of financial data to professional investors, individual investors, students, developers, startups and large enterprises through an API, Excel add-in, and Google Sheets add-on. They also built an innovative engine online for valuing companies. Intrinio, co-founded by Joey French and Rachel Carpenter has been in the works for several years, but publicly launched in second quarter of 2015.


Intrinio was born out of the founding team’s frustrations over a lack of accessible and affordable financial data and resources. Joey and Rachel have seen the inefficiencies in this industry from a professional, individual, academic, and large-enterprise angle. They chose to build something that would challenge outdated inefficiencies in the financial industry and provide value to investors, students, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Not only are they the most affordable financial data provider on the market, but they do not charge for a “seat license”. Users pay only for the data they use. They also charge zero redistribution fees. Intrinio’s data feed is extremely flexible (compatible on Mac OS X, windows, phone, tablet, cloud, etc.) and dynamically updated. Their processes are streamlined and automatic, delivering data to investors faster than ever before, and saving them hours of time.

This has been an exciting summer at Intrinio. The company partnered with Harvard Business School as well as a fintech startup incubator out of Boston called Fintech Sandbox. They also recently brought on a new CEO, Mike Roszel, to lead them through their next stage of growth.

Intrinio was relocated from Chicago to St. Pete in 2014. St. Pete offers a favorable landscape for those wishing to start and grow a company. Access to talent, capital, a supportive city and chamber, and support and resources from local organizations made St. Pete an easy choice. While Intrinio could have relocated to a financial hub like NYC, their values and ideals are more in line with the attitudes and philosophies of organizations in this area, rather than the Wall Street mentality.