Sustainability Task Force Recap – “Lets Get To Work”

Posted On 01/25/2016 by St. Pete Chamber

The Sustainability Task Force (STF) had it’s first meeting for 2016 and the energy in the room was palpable. The drive and passion of everyone was apparent starting from introductions and carried through well after the meeting was adjourned. Turnout was stellar but it was the “Let’s get to work” attitude that impressed me as chairman the most.
We reviewed goals for 2016 which included assessing the Solar Amendments being proposed to Florida voters and their impact on St. Petersburg, implementing an intern program in partnership with local colleges for Chamber members, reviewing sustainability measures that can be applied to the Chamber itself as examples for local businesses, along with what it means to be a sustainable tourism city.

David Randle of USF gave a first-class presentation on what it means to be a sustainable tourist city and how it can benefit St. Petersburg. The methodology follows many practices implemented by the Walt Disney Company and how businesses can not only benefit the environment but prosper financially as well- win / win scenarios if you will.

Closing out the meeting we implemented three subcommittees to get the ball rolling toward our goals- solar amendments, internship program, and sustainable tourism as a city.

Next month chairs of each subcommittee will start reporting progress and outlining goals. We’ll also be holding a brainstorm session for sustainable business practices that can be implemented at the Chamber- anything goes when it comes to brainstorming.

We meet the 3rd Thursday every month at the Chamber conference room starting 8am.
Feel free to contact me at or Travis Norton at if you have any questions about STF or the chamber itself.

– Daryle Hamel
Sustainability Task Force chairman”

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