The Shine’s On 4U Fitness

Posted On 09/21/2016 by St. Pete Chamber

Created in 2011, 4U Fitness is a Customized Personal Training concept with studios based in Tampa and St. Petersburg, specialized in fat loss, strength and conditioning. They own the innovative process called Electro Fitness or E-Fit, which uses a Full Body Electric Muscle Stimulation suit to boost the workout. Combined with a personal training, this muscle stimulator sends waves of electricity through targeted muscles for an increased challenge. Originally developed by NASA, 4U Fitness took this process the next level for everyday and athlete use. It is currently utilized all over the world with the top sports teams and trainers.

The owner, Daniel Nyiri wanted to come up with a solution for having no time to exercise and to clear all the clutter in the fitness industry. His goal was to help people the fastest way possible. The result is a highly intense 20-minute workout session, which is the equivalent of 90 minutes of training.

4U Fitness manufactures its own line of equipment and even has its own supplement line. Their success reached a new milestone recently, after expanding with franchise opportunities. People wanting a happier and healthier way of exercise can now open their own 4U Fitness location. Chamber members are invited to experience the Best 20 minute workout in the country for FREE!