The Shine’s On AGR Group

Posted On 09/25/2017 by St. Pete Chamber

AGR Group Florida started in 2002 as an outbound telemarketing operation with a dozen employees on card tables using hand-dialed phones and has grown into an customer acquisition team with more than 1,200 employees in three call centers and multiple field offices.

AGR Group offers full outsourcing of all energy related customer needs ranging from Residential and Commercial Outbound telemarketing, Inbound Customer Service, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting to Energy Consulting.

AGR Group Florida has been providing energy telemarketing and lead generation services for the past 15 years.  As a premier energy marketing company, they offer sales and support services to retail energy. AGR Group focuses on maintaining high ethical standards during the sales process and pride themselves for building a reputation among retail energy suppliers as the most trusted partner for outbound telemarketing services, canvassing, appointment setting, and lead generation services.

AGR Group Florida’s ownership is comprised of several entities and individuals, and is led by CEO Matt Judkin.  The company began as a 12 man call center and has grown to well over 800 employees in the East and West coast. The demand for a marketing company in the energy deregulated sector was high and we started at the right time. The owners had experience in the deregulated telecom industry so the deregulated energy industry seemed like a natural transition.

St. Pete has been a great location for AGR, it has an entrepreneurial vibe which is appealing to them. They were told St. Pete was very pro-employer in that it supported businesses that were creating jobs. They see that here, and they’ve seen the support from the Chamber and the PSTA who provides transportation to many of their employees.

AGR also has taken an interest in the community by working with several local organizations to provide support through donations or assistance. Three Square Food Bank, RCS Food Bank, Toys for Tots, All Children’s Hospital in St. Pete have all benefited from AGR’s giving. They also work with organizations that seek to provide second chance employment to individuals who want a new start on life.