The Shine’s On AR Workshop St. Petersburg

Posted On 02/26/2018 by St. Pete Chamber
AR Workshop St. Petersburg opened its doors November 25th, 2017.  They are St. Petersburg’s newest DIY workshop that offers hands-on classes to create charming and custom décor, wood signs, canvas pillows and more.  This is an opportunity for you to participate in a mixed media workshop for home decor, parties, design, and styling skills.

AR Workshop St. Petersburg is like no other workshop you have ever been to. The atmosphere is rustic and chic, making the customer feel right at home. We are perfect for having a night to yourself, date night, company team building, or bringing all your girlfriends in for a night of laughter and fun you won’t forget. Youth classes are also provided on weekend mornings.  AR Workshop St. Petersburg prides itself on having an outstanding team of employees that work with you on your personalized project from start to finish. And the best part is you don’t have to be an artist to leave with something you are proud to display in your home. AR Workshop St. Petersburg uses stencils, instead of free hand. Foolproof! Our team looks forward to seeing you at the store!

Anders Ruff® was originated by designers Maureen (Anders) and Adria (Ruff) in 2010.  Their business started out as a popular graphic design, party styling, DIY blog, and online shop.  Their “Ruff Draft” column on the blog has been a source of DIY inspiration and ideas for many years.  6 years later and many creative ideas completed, these two had demands from fans and clients to offer hands-on workshops where they could teach their skills to others.  Their dream of coming out from behind the screen to offer mixed media workshops for home decor, parties, design and styling skills is coming true!  Their vision was to create an inspiring and charming boutique workshop that not only offers classes but sells retail items that Maureen and Adria use in their styling jobs and photo shoots for magazines and celebrities! You might just see a project on the calendar that has been featured in a magazine or in the press!
In the last year and a half, AR Workshops have been popping up all over the United States. We are so excited to have brought a store location to our own backyard of St. Petersburg, FL. ​AR Workshop St. Petersburg is owned and operated by Larissa and Mackenzie Daigle. A mother-daughter team.  Larissa and Mackenzie loved the idea of owning their own AR Workshop and found the best location to make it happen, St. Petersburg. As residents, they knew that St. Pete had the perfect mixture of both the arts and family communities to have a workshop designed for all to feel welcome to create. St. Pete residents have already taken a quick liking to the workshop and feel the same!