The Shine’s On Launching Your Success

Posted On 02/17/2017 by St. Pete Chamber
Robyn Sayles, Comedic Facilitator and Founder of Launching Your Success, knows what employee disengagement looks like. After over 15 years in corporate learning & development she has the faces of bored, apathetic employees burned into her retinas. Those faces serve as a reminder of why she started her company 3 years ago, to shake up the training status quo and become an advocate for the learners.

Launching Your Success offers extraordinary workshop experiences for un-average people and teams. They use an arsenal of groundbreaking programs and expertly curated tools to teach businesses and individuals how to elevate performance from standard to stand-out without sacrificing fun.

​Launching Your Success began as a side business, with Robyn consulting for friends and colleagues, while she was still working in corporate learning and development. In 2014, she filed the LLC and in 2015, she took a giant leap and left the corporate world.

When asked why the business chose St. Pete, Robyn explained, “St. Pete chose me! I moved here in the late 90s to run a new retail store at Tyrone Mall. I met my husband, had a family, then fell in love with St Pete. I wouldn’t want to run this business anywhere else”.

Recently, Launching Your Success partnered with Brew Your Skill to offer unforgettable experiences that merge a business training workshop with a comedic social company outing. Employees get trained and complete interactive exercises that promote a positive culture. Each event has a comedic facilitator who serves as both entertainment and