The Shine’s On Madico, Inc.

Posted On 11/06/2016 by St. Pete Chamber

An award-winning organization, Madico, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions. Madico supplies advanced transparent laminates that help automobile, home, and commercial property owners curb energy consumption, combat the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and increase personal safety.

Madico was founded in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1903. Madico purchased the St. Petersburg manufacturing facility in 2010. The St. Petersburg facility has been manufacturing window films locally for 39 years. It was first founded as ITD Industries in 1975.

Madico has a rich history of invention, innovation, and imagination. The organization thrives on leading and recognizes such a role is possible only through a long-term commitment to research and development with strong connections to our markets.  Today, Madico is proud to be recognized by customers and peers as a technology leader.

Madico’s original founders patented the vacuum metallizing process in 1935. Once the process was advanced to commercial production standards, it was first used to manufacturer metallized cellophane ribbons and wrapping foil. The window film business grew out of this early work in metallized decorative wrapping products. The first transparent reflective window film product was created in 1954.

Madico chose to purchase the St. Petersburg manufacturing facility due to the facility’s size and capacity. The St. Pete location had been used to make window film for 35 years and also offered many skilled employees. The St. Petersburg facility now employs 100 local employees.

Since Madico acquired the St. Petersburg manufacturing facility in 2010, the company has invested nearly $3M in capital improvements. Madico has recycled approximately 350 tons of solid waste in the past year.