The Shine’s On Paz Mediation

Posted On 06/16/2017 by St. Pete Chamber
Paz Mediation specializes in the Circuit Civil and Family Mediation. It was created in July 2016.

Natalie Paskiewicz is the owner and the only employee of Paz Mediation. She went to law school in Gulfport, and has lived and worked in St. Pete ever since. She has witnessed first-hand the strong support system St. Pete offers to small businesses. She now lives in St. Pete with her husband Nick, her daughter Madelyn, and their dog Bo.

​The idea of the company came from the owner’s fascination about the ever-changing world. She considered that a quality Mediator should make it a point to stay on top of new laws and opinions. She treats every Mediation as a new case and a new challenge and she strives to work with the parties pre-suit or in suit to accomplish their goals, whether that results in a settlement or not. Natalie Paskiewicz’s user-friendly website makes it easy to schedule Mediations online. She does not charge for travel in the Bay area, prep, or follow-up.

Recently, the company expanded it’s ADR practice from circuit civil Mediation to include both circuit civil and family law mediation.

After practicing for several years, Natalie Paskiewicz found she had a knack for Mediation. She was captivated by the strategy necessary to handle all types of legal issues and personalities in attendance at Mediation. She knew this was something that she truly enjoyed and decided to focus solely on Mediating.