The Shine’s On Sound Branding Ideas

Posted On 05/17/2017 by St. Pete Chamber

After 26 years of working his way up from salesman to writer and then singer and partner with a prominent jingle firm, Cary Reich launched Sound Branding Ideas in May of 2013.  Prior to 2013, Cary worked alongside a business partner and had one of the largest jingle production companies in the US. When the partner decided to take the business in a different direction, Cary created Sound Branding Ideas. Today, Cary is a branding consultant that helps businesses identify their unique selling proposition and then crafts it into a catchy and memorable slogan and melody.

​When asked what sets Sound Branding Ideas apart from their competitors, Cary notes his “ability to listen to what makes a company unique and present ideas to them on the spot.” He is the sole proprietor of the company, and works with many singers and musicians, allowing him to offer the maximum uniqueness of styles and sounds to my clients.

​​Cary decided to launch Sound Branding Ideas in St. Petersburg because of the exciting growth that the city is experiencing. The city’s growth compliments his company; he recently launched a new digital only license that allows smaller businesses without large advertising budgets to still be able to capitalize on the value of having music and branding for their websites and their online and social media campaigns.