The Shine’s On The Skyway Marina District

Posted On 06/20/2016 by St. Pete Chamber
Since 2014, the Skyway Marina District has advocated for businesses within the 34th Street South corridor. It was established by the community and business leaders in South St. Petersburg who wanted to create a destination. Councilman Steve Kornell advocated for his constituents in the area and the Skyway Marina District Plan was put in place in May 2014.

​Executive director, Keri Melshenker and her board of directors work to advocate for the businesses, and depends largely on volunteers (business leaders and neighborhood association leaders) who are working toward the goal of creating economic success in the Skyway Marina District.


The association’s goal is to create a sense of place that is attracting business to open in the Skyway Marina District. Businesses from all sizes are moving into the district like Ceridian HCMJabil CircuitKobie MarketingGrand Villa St. Petersburg, and more.

Proud to have their 3 gateway signs installed, the District has plans to revitalize the medians down the corridor with bismarck palms, Florida friendly fauna and pedestrian lighting.

​Always looking for input from the community, the Skyway Marina District encourages people to come out to their events. BlockbyBlock Skyway Treasures & Trails Ride is the next community event, and will be held on July 16th. exploratory family-friendly bike ride through some less well-known parts of South St. Pete. The bike trip will highlight some of our city’s trail network, neighborhoods, and the business district.