This Week’s Bright Spot: Relocation Strategies

Posted On 11/16/2015 by St. Pete Chamber

Relocation Strategies is a project management consulting firm focused on serving companies relocating their operation to a new destination or expanding within their existing space. They service commercial office, industrial and institutional clients. The services are of the greatest value when clients are looking for a single experienced resource to manage the relocation project and cannot afford the production downtime typically incurred with a move. Relocation Strategies is the only neutral relocation project management service provider in the Tampa Bay Market. Business owners Bill Clinebell and Paul Swindle select the appropriate vendors for their client’s specific needs and have no allegiance to any single vendor source.

Relocation Strategies also works with brokers, brokerage firms, property managers and facilities to provide cost effective means to complete a corporate relocation project. Their clients can be at ease about their upcoming project because the burdens of planning and executing the relocation will be handled by an external experienced resource while their internal staff can remain focused on their core responsibilities.

Learn more about Relocation Strategies here.