Wonderment Creative House

Posted On 03/28/2016 by St. Pete Chamber
Wonderment Creative House is a full service marketing agency established on the collaboration of divergent design and convergent execution. Business owners Jason Liggitt, an old school true creative talent, originally from England, and Carolyn Ruby, a Pinellas native with fresh strategic concepts.

While working at Tech Data, owners Carolyn Ruby and Jason Liggitt built reputations as out of the box and forward thinking leaders. Requests for outside endeavors developed, allowing the soon to be entrepreneurs to entertain opening a creative marketing agency. They took a leap of faith, finding inspiration in one another’s ability and excitement in free enterprise.

Many marketing firms have a strong focus on either design or marketing alone and look at the other as secondary. At Wonderment, the team approaches all client projects from both sides of the brain, bringing strategy and design together. Whether it be an email campaign, advertising campaign, or website they don’t look to just service the client and provide a deliverable, but rather deliver a comprehensive solution to their marketing objectives.


​When asked why the owners chose St. Pete, they explained that St. Petersburg is a vibrant and creative city, which matches the culture and focus of their business. Planting their roots in downtown St. Petersburg was a natural fit, allowing connectivity with a mix of established and growing businesses, artistic professionals, and a thriving community.

At Wonderment, their team believes in entrepreneurial spirit, embraces philanthropic ideals and gets excited about local and global economic development. Their mission is to accelerate growth in businesses – from entities with a global footprint in need of a brand refresh, to a local start-up looking to ignite a dream. They work largely with start-up companies, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs enjoying contribution in their evolution.