St. Pete Store & Visitors Center Testimonial

Posted On 03/11/2021 by St. Pete Chamber Member

“Has anyone ever told you Shelli Hemans is a rockstar? It’s true!

In December, I was asked to put together 80 gift packages for executives in one of our leadership programs. Since they wouldn’t make it to Florida as planned, my colleague wanted to send them a bit of Florida sunshine. What is the deadline for this, I asked? “Can we get these out in the next day or two?” After I got the request, I hung up the phone and thought, “What am I going to do?”

I walked past the Chamber store not long before, and picked up the phone. Shelli answered, listened intently to me, and calmed me down with these few words: “I got you covered. Come on in!”

I drove right to the store, and there was the Shelli. She had already pulled a few items for consideration based on the specs I gave her and quantities of items in stock. Within a few minutes we had chosen the perfect items. She kindly offered to organize all of the gift packages as she boxed them up so it would be easy for me to send them out.

She had them ready in record time. I came back the next day and picked them up. “Thank you! You are a lifesaver!,” I told her, and rushed off to send out the packages.

It’s important for me to share this story with you because people like Shelli are so good at what they do, they make it effortless for the rest of us. We tend to take these special souls for granted. I wanted to send this email to tell you what a lifeline Shelli was for me. She worked hard for me so I could fulfill my project request and I will never forget it! I still smile when I think of Shelli swooping in to the rescue!

Thank you for taking the time to recognize this special team member on my behalf!”

— Andrew, The Poynter Institute