Bobbie Shay Lee

Candidate for: City Council, D1
Amount Raised: $37,840
Cash on Hand: $7,823.60

Chamber Interview-

Candidate Q&A

Should changes be made to I-175 and/or I-375? Should they be brought to grade and transitioned to boulevards? Should they be brought below grade and capped (built over) to help bridge the gap between South St. Pete and Downtown?

They should remain as they are. It is my understanding that I-175 is a necessary emergency route to Bayfront Medical and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. We cannot continue to shrink our roadways while we continue to develop downtown.

How does our community connect St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Beaches to the Brightline termination station in Tampa by 2024?

The Brightline has stated they do not have any intentions for connecting to Pinellas County, it is just too expensive. Tourism tax dollars can only go so far. I suspect the final negotiations on the future of the Rays will impact what monies are available to invest in the Brightline.

Do you support the plan to lease our City Marina to a developer to operate and make improvements instead of keeping the marina under city management and make the repairs ourselves?

It is the council’s responsibility to select the new owner with full transparency. It is imperative that the potential owner have experience and capitol specific to managing a saltwater marina.  I support getting the issue to referendum for citizens to decide.

What specific impact have you already made in St. Pete toward equitable economic development?

I could boost about my work with HomeAid Tampa Bay creating housing for suddenly homeless families, or helping patients to navigate resources while going through challenging illness through the Center of Transparency but the number one impact I’ve made is still to be experienced. Raising my daughter has always been my number one priority. Guiding her through such difficult times continues to shape then adult she will become. I am so proud that my daughter fully understands the importance of reciprocity, respect for differences, and inclusion. Imagine the impact to this community, and our country, if our number one contribution was through our children!

How should the city balance historic designation with property rights?

Eliminate the element of surprise.  Historic preservation rules should always be clearly stated. The list of any new owners’ obligations to any historic property needs to be fair, clearly stated, and public. These standards need to protect the cultural integrity of the building as well as maintaining a buildings structural integrity.

What are your priorities for both sustainability AND resiliency (taken separately) for the City? What are 2 examples that you see as the City’s best opportunities to address climate change impacts?

During my time with TECO Energy and Peoples Gas I was able to gain firsthand experience and knowledge on the impact we can have by using renewable and reusable energy sources. I believe we continue to educate the community on changing personal habits including recycling, reducing food waste and reducing water waste.     Homeowners need to be reminded the importance of weather proofing homes and long-term savings of solar energy.     Beyond that I believe we will continue to see a positive impact in our carbon footprint because as a result of Covid and the “new work from home” model many companies have adopted. Considering the new work from home trend, the city needs to evaluate the use rate of public transportation.

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