Ed Carlson

Candidate for: City Council, D1
Email: acegang1@aol.com 
Website: N/A
Amount Raised: $25,420
Cash on Hand: $4,126.94

Chamber Interview-

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Candidate Q&A

Should changes be made to I-175 and/or I-375? Should they be brought to grade and transitioned to boulevards? Should they be brought below grade and capped (built over) to help bridge the gap between South St. Pete and Downtown?

These are innovative ideas to explore.  Currently, keep as is because cross so many roads and are easy ins and outs to enhance our downtown area, events, museums, restaurants, etc.

How does our community connect St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Beaches to the Brightline termination station in Tampa by 2024?

Continue moving forward with this vision.  Integrate all the many aspects and entities involved.

Do you support the plan to lease our City Marina to a developer to operate and make improvements instead of keeping the marina under city management and make the repairs ourselves?

Depends highly on the developer alternative . . .   need more than one and with saltwater experience.  And whether city is going to pay the repairs upgrades regardless.

What specific impact have you already made in St. Pete toward equitable economic development?

When in business, employed 5-7 employees plus outsourced work. As neighborhood leader, worked collaboratively with developers and redevelopers on multiple projects over decades.

How should the city balance historic designation with property rights?


Tough question with passions on both sides.   St. Pete is a unique small city with lots of Character and Charm… important to why people come her to visit and to live. I am pro-property rights, and see value in balancing historic preservation, with or without historic designation.

What are your priorities for both sustainability AND resiliency (taken separately) for the City? What are 2 examples that you see as the City’s best opportunities to address climate change impacts?

Sustainability is Department of Lakes and Wetlands Management to keep health/return to health the 72 lakes for which the City is responsible. Continue the good care of our parks.   City definitely needs to invest in Invest in climate-resilient infrastructure.  Beginning with Shore Acres flooding . . . by pumps, vaults, etc, and learning from Netherlands with 1/3 below sea level and 50% at 3 feet or less above sea level — for centuries.  Developed multiple modern approaches and science.

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