Douglas O’Dowd

Candidate for: City Council, D4
Amount Raised: $6,731
Cash on Hand: $1,991.62

Chamber Interview-

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Candidate Q&A

Should changes be made to I-175 and/or I-375? Should they be brought to grade and transitioned to boulevards? Should they be brought below grade and capped (built over) to help bridge the gap between South St. Pete and Downtown?

I believe we need to remove I-175  and have it built over to bridge the gap between downtown and South St. Pete

How does our community connect St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Beaches to the Brightline termination station in Tampa by 2024?

Personally, I think we need to build a transit train accross Tampa Bay.  I do not think we have the support for it at this time.  In the meantime, we should have a direct bus link to the terminal from downtown St. Pete.

Do you support the plan to lease our City Marina to a developer to operate and make improvements instead of keeping the marina under city management and make the repairs ourselves?

If we can keep ownership but have it managed better than I would strongly consider it.  But we should NEVER sell the property.  But we must select an experienced Marina manager.

What specific impact have you already made in St. Pete toward equitable economic development?

I have owned or managed 5 rental properties over the past 15 years in St. Petersburg all of which were rented below market rates.  My current apartment above my garage is rented at below $600 and includes all utilities.  My wife and I believe that all of us can contribute a little  to making this great city more equitable

How should the city balance historic designation with property rights?

I know the city is not supportive of designating single houses or building or very small groups of houses being designated as historic.  I assume the amount of work is too burdensome.  As an owner of a house built in 1915, I want my house to be designated as historic (a gift to future generatons).  And I struggle with have larger tracks designated when a number of residents do not want that for their properties.  I think the city should create a process where individuals could do the majority of the paperwork to alleviate the work load with city. staff.

What are your priorities for both sustainability AND resiliency (taken separately) for the City? What are 2 examples that you see as the City’s best opportunities to address climate change impacts?

I would like the city to keep a focus on expanding affordable housing and making priorities to working families but ensuring that minorities are included.  I also think the city needs to focus and invest in its infrastructure such as 1.  ADA compliant sidewalks, 2. expand our reclaimed water reach throughout the city, 3. Ensure our water treatment facility can handle todays load but also for the next 50 years and 4. Replace all of the old stormwater piping that is crumbling and causing localized flooding.    I think the city can support climate change by expanding its tree planting initiatives and have matching funding programs for neighborhoods who are planting trees so we can expand our canopy throughout St. Petersburg.  Additionally, we should continue to expand our bike lanes allowing more people to use theirs bikes as a mode of transportation.

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