Jeff Danner

Candidate for: City Council, D8
Amount Raised:  $19,170.12
Cash on Hand:  $3,149.73

Chamber Interview-

Candidate Q&A

Should changes be made to I-175 and/or I-375? Should they be brought to grade and transitioned to boulevards? Should they be brought below grade and capped (built over) to help bridge the gap between South St. Pete and Downtown?

We need to face the reality that while this is a great idwa that would connect the neighborhoods to the south. Funding and support from FDOT might not occur for a very long time if ever.  Other connections should be considered

How does our community connect St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Beaches to the Brightline termination station in Tampa by 2024?

Bus lines over the Howard Frankland Bridge until another option is funded

Do you support the plan to lease our City Marina to a developer to operate and make improvements instead of keeping the marina under city management and make the repairs ourselves?

With thr information i jave i am very concerned anytime we turn over control of city owned property

What specific impact have you already made in St. Pete toward equitable economic development?

I worked with a group that started what is now thee Grand Central District.  I supported the creation and continued funding of thr Main Street programs.  Work frrom beginning to adoption of thr Vision 2020 plan. Many transit programs as Chair of PSTA

How should the city balance historic designation with property rights?

By identifying significant properties and diatricts that define the charavtor of our city so that developers know where they will stand when proposong changes

What are your priorities for both sustainability AND resiliency (taken separately) for the City? What are 2 examples that you see as the City’s best opportunities to address climate change impacts?

Sustainability can come in many forms.from small changes to zoning and LDRs,, energy saving programs, alternative energy sources and more tranist options.   Resiliency.  We must determine our capacity to deal with the social, economic and environmental sysrems to address hazards that .may come.  We routinely do this with hurricanr hardening and building codes, we must continue to do so with our storm and.potable water resources, Climate change impacts is a much more difficult issue our geographic vulnerablity on the waterfront will require major planning and  investments

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