How to Win #ChamberShuffle2019’s Most Creative Team Award

Posted On 10/22/2019 by St. Pete Chamber

Looking for some tips on how to win #ChamberShuffle2019’s “Most Creative Team” award? See what last year’s award recipient, TypTap Insurance, had to say about bringing their outrageously awesome ideas to life.

Q: Did you try and tie in your Company name, values, or culture into the team name/outfit?

A: ” We have started to adopt the flamingo as our company “mascot.” The pools floats are something we give away at the conventions we attend and we knew they are a huge hit. Since we also knew there would be pictures taken we wanted to add our logo to the pool floats for a little bit of branding, so I had our logo made out of adhesive vinyl to put on the floats. A lot of people wanted to take pictures with them, which made it so everyone could be involved and not just us. The Hawaiian shirts just went along with the pool float theme.”

Q: How did you engage your team in the process or get them excited about it?

A: “Honestly, it wasn’t hard to get them excited. We are competitive people and we knew we’d have to be a little outrageous to stand out. Our whole view point was we wanted to stand out and make a splash – pun intended. Honestly this event helped launch us further into the flamingo theme. It was the very start of us adopting the flamingo idea and since then we have incorporated it in a lot of other places.”

Q: What was the overall event experience like?

A: “We really enjoyed the event. It was great fun. Though we didn’t win shuffleboard it was still fun to be there and enjoy the experience. Lots of people complimented the pool floats and we even sent one home with Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays mascot). He became very attached to it LOL!”

Whether you’re coming for the Most Creative Team award, schooling your friends in shuffleboard on the courts, munching on local food, or shopping local goods at the Night Market – Chamber Shuffle invites all.

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