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Leadership St. Pete® (LSP) has shifted gears to COVID relief for the City of St. Petersburg’s Fighting Chance Fund to help support local businesses. LSP is responsible for making a difference in the community. Historically, each LSP class has selected a local nonprofit as a beneficiary of the class’ efforts to raise funds for a capital improvement project resulting in at least one on-site work day through a formal RFP process.

Due to the global pandemic and the economic side effects resulting from social distancing, Leadership St. Pete® has adjusted its focus to COVID-19 relief for the broader St. Petersburg business community. The City of St. Petersburg has created the Fighting Chance Fund, an emergency grant for St. Pete’s independently owned and operated small businesses affected by local COVID-19 orders. The City has teamed up with Pinellas Community Foundation to collect donations from community organizations to help as many eligible businesses and employees as possible through the Fighting Chance Fund. LSP is joining the efforts to support the collection of donations for the fund.

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Your donation can help increase the number of people and businesses that are helped. Every dollar donated gives our small business community a fighting chance. Donate today.

Fighting Chance Calendar & Mural
LSP is creating a calendar and a mural featuring organizations supporting the community to raise funds. Learn More & Support >

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