Leadership St. Pete® (LSP) is a volunteer run program of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. LSP leadership is comprised of an Executive Committee (EC) and a Planning Committee (PC).

The five members of the EC are comprised of the current Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair of LSP, the LSP Alumni Association Representative and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. The Planning Committee is comprised of LSP alumni who volunteer to help shape the program experience each year.

To serve on the LSP PC, candidates submit a written application which is reviewed by the Executive Committee. Those selected to serve must be both active LSP Alumni Association members, active Chamber of Commerce members, and in good financial standing with LSP.

Expectations for those serving on the PC include:

  • Serving as an active mentor for at least one seminar or event
  • Securing sponsorships in support of the seminar assigned to the member
  • Active participation on one of the sub committees
    • Assessment Committee
    • Community Engagement Committee
    • Finance & Sponsorship Committee
    • LSP Marketing and Outreach (LMAO) Committee
    • LSP Ambassadors Committee
    • Project Committee

PC members serve 1-year terms and may not serve more than six (6) consecutive terms. PC members who have served six (6) consecutive terms may apply again after sitting out for at least one (1) year. Approximately eight (8) PC positions shall be filled by persons who have not previously served on the PC, with priority given to graduates of the most recent class, the goal being that approximately one-third of the PC should be turned over each year. The size of the PC is determined at the discretion of the EC, but has traditionally included approximately 30 members.

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