SCOTUS Ruling and the Competitive Workforce Act

Posted On 06/17/2020 by Matt Lettelleir

A major victory for LGBTQ workforce protections was realized on Monday when the US Supreme Court ruled the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VII provision that bars job discrimination based on sex extends to LGBTQ workers.

This ruling will have overarching effects locally as Florida does not include protections for LGBTQ workers in State Statute.
The St. Pete Chamber has advocated in favor of the Competitive Workforce Act that would have extended protections to the LGBTQ community regarding job discrimination, housing, and business discrimination.
State and local LGBTQ leaders, while celebrating Monday’s ruling, remain committed to passing the full Competitive Workforce Act to include the housing and business discrimination protections not covered by the decision and codifying job protections in statute.
As the Chamber begins to formulate our 2021 Legislative Agenda and Priorities, we ask our members to please email to suggest legislation or projects the Chamber should consider supporting.
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