Seeds of Hope Challenge

Posted On 05/04/2021 by Nikki

Who inspires hope in your life? Share your #SeedsofHope story

The Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2021 invites you to participate in the #SeedsofHope challenge to help raise awareness and support for our Seeds of Hope project, benefiting WestCare’s Mustard Seed Inn.

Serving the St. Petersburg community for more than 20 years, the Mustard Seed Inn provides transitional housing to homeless adults who have begun their recovery from alcohol, drug abuse, and/or mental illness. The quality care and support restores hope for residents seeking a new life.

With the #SeedsofHope challenge, our goal is to cultivate stories of friends and family who bring hope into our lives. Hearing inspiring stories from others helps foster and promote more love and acceptance in our communities.  

How to participate in the challenge

Plant your seed of hope and watch it grow! 

  • Participate in the challenge by recording a video of you describing how someone gives you hope. 
  • Then, nominate five to 10 friends and family to do the same. 
  • Be sure to include #SeedsofHope in your post when sharing your story.

Seeking inspiration? Follow the #SeedsofHope hashtag on Facebook to hear inspiring stories from community leaders, including Mayor Rick Kriseman.

Sample Script for Seeds of Hope Challenge

“I, [Your full name], would like to thank [individual who inspires hope] for the hope [he/she/they] gives me. [Describe how they give you hope; consider sharing a story]. Please continue to [your choice of encouraging words]. Thank you.”

Optional donation message: “Because you inspire me with hope, I’m making a donation in your name to the Leadership St Pete® Class of 2021 Seeds of Hope project.”

“Now that I’ve done my part, I’m challenging my friends and family to complete the challenge. [State their names]. I encourage you to share your Seeds of Hope story on social media to help us cultivate more love in our world.”

Donate to the Seeds of Hope project

Thank you to all who have made a contribution to the Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2021 Seeds of Hope project! Your donation will fund critical improvements at the Mustard Seed Inn to help restore a sense of community belonging for these men and women in transition.

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To learn more about the Seeds of Hope project, visit