The Shine’s on GarrisonPro

Posted On 10/16/2020 by St. Pete Chamber


GarrisonPro is on a mission to keep your computers stable, your systems secure, and your business growing. Computer reliability is the heart of every operation. GarrisonPro knows that when it comes to business, the only real defense is proactive defense.  You need a proven, trusted company with unparalleled experience and credentials that can consistently outperform all others.

Let’s face facts. Your business is subservient to your computer. Without the support you need, you could come to a grinding halt. That’s why you require nothing less than military-grade stability. It just so happens GarrisonPro knows a thing or two about that.

GarrisonPro is a veteran-owned company founded by Joseph Pilliod. Joe served in the US Air Force and the Department of Defense at MacDill AFB as a successful 16-year telecommunications and cyber security specialist. GarrisonPro was born from this highly respected, world-class experience.

Their team combines this professional expertise with a solid foundation of core values of vigilance, dedication, and compassion so you have an ally who is fully invested in your business and is ready to show your computers who’s boss. Look no further than GarrisonPro to be your best weapon for all your computer needs. They boast a 100% client retention rate since our inception in 2017.

Stop feeling overwhelmed from the stress caused by unknown security risks. GarrisonPro will leverage our military cyber security expertise to identify and prevent all threats that could compromise any mission.

Take the worry and complexity out of meeting compliance. Whether it be HIPAA, NIST, or PCI, our collaborative approach simplifies the process for healthcare professionals, government contractors, and businesses.

You can say goodbye to down time as GarrisonPro provides trusted and proven proactive computer services. Your technology will remain agile and aligned with your needs as we get you up and running, and keep you going.

“We knows it can be a battlefield out there. Understanding your needs are unique, we offer free one-hour consultations. Contact us today and see why you need GarrisonPro. We’re standing by to send in reinforcements.

The opportunities in St. Pete and Pinellas County are endless, we embrace diversity, and are committed to participating and contributing to the exciting growth St. Pete is currently experiencing…not to mention the Burg is pretty cool,” said Pilliod.


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