The Shine’s on Guardian Eagle

Posted On 06/03/2019 by St. Pete Chamber

Guardian Eagle is a Data Protection Company that secures your data from the inside out, truly saving companies from data nightmares. Their legacy expertise in databases, business continuity, replication, performance tuning, and data security has allowed them to help customers experience less down time, zero data loss, and highly tuned systems that perform and scale.

Guardian Eagle (formerly Eagle Datagistics) opened its doors in 2003 when the aftermath of the dot-com crisis left a gap in the Tampa/St. Pete region for high-end database consulting services. The database consulting company that had been in the Tampa area previously was heavily into training and had 16 offices around the country with lots of classrooms. However, when the dot-com bubble burst, training budgets disappeared which led to the company closing its doors here in Tampa. That left a need for database products and services in our community, which created the perfect opportunity for Chuck Egerter, CEO, to start the company.

Historically, most security solutions approach the problem from the outside-in, by deploying better firewalls, intrusion detection, active monitoring, AI, etc. Yet we’ve seen well-known companies have these security measures by-passed and shocking amounts of personal data escape. Guardian Eagle has found that often times, companies don’t focus enough on their data and vulnerabilities inside the firewall.

Interestingly, the most valued assets companies must protect are in the database. This positions Guardian Eagle perfectly to approach the issue from the inside out. In fact, over the past several years, they have seen their legacy data-protection solutions save customers from data security nightmares, including external attacks that made it past traditional measures.

The business chose to move to St. Pete from Clearwater in 2011 because CEO, Egerter, wanted to improve the quality of life for his employees and himself. Furthermore, Egerter noticed that St. Pete was gaining momentum as a city and wanted to be a part of that growth. He also has a strong appreciation for the sense of community that can be found in St. Pete, no matter who you are.

The Guardian Eagle company philosophy is to ‘Positively influence everyone we encounter.’ This applies to clients, vendors, partners, and each other. These ideals are reflected in their five core values: Customer Experience, Excellence, Feed Passion, Teamwork, and Good Karma. They are so committed to their core values that each quarter they recognize each other for practicing them in daily work. In 2016, Guardian Eagle won the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s award for Overall Best Place to work. A large part of winning that award is a reflection on their commitment to the Core Values.

The Guardian Eagle team looks forward to continuing to build on great relationships, core values, community engagement, and industry leading data protection.