The Shine’s on: Live Life Moving

Posted On 09/17/2021 by Bianca Soler

Its Fall Prevention Week! Decrease your Risk of Falling with Video Tips from Live Life Moving

Did you Know?

According to the CDC:

  • 25% of Americans aged 65+ fall each year
  • falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of non-fatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults

The International Council on Active Aging has named October 4 – 10th as Active Aging Week.  As part of this week, Live Life Moving® is helping bring awareness to balance training and fall prevention.

At Live Life Moving, we are helping older adults improve their balance with evidence-based fitness training proven to help decrease their risk of falling.  Our clients have noticed significant changes in their ability to RECOVER from losing their balance, preventing a potential fatal accident.

Training your balance is more complex than just trying to stand on one leg.  In fact, standing on leg isn’t usually the best place to start.

Effective and progressive balance training begins by addressing the three systems used to balance:

  1. The somatic system – your brain’s ability to sense changes in surfaces and environment;
  2. The visual system – using your vision to assess your environment;
  3. The vestibular system – using the inner-ear system to sense changes in relationship to gravity

Here are 5 short videos created by Live Life Moving to help you learn how train your balance….without standing on one leg!



Live Life Moving is a personal training studio specializing in training adults over 50. We help people find sustainable ways to maintain their fitness for a happy and active life.  Using a combination of Pilates, functional movement training and indoor cycling, we address all fitness components necessary to “Live Life Moving”.