The Shine’s On Live Life Moving

Posted On 07/19/2021 by Bianca Soler

Live Life Moving is a new personal fitness studio specifically for adults over 50 or anyone seeking an alternative to the “no pain, no gain” mentality of mainstream gyms and boutique studios.

The studio helps clients feel confident to progress at their own pace with a custom blend of authentic Pilates equipment training, functional strength training, and indoor cycling. All sessions led by expert coaches who teach each client relative to their unique needs rather than pushing them into a program that leaves them discouraged and overwhelmed.

Live Life Moving offers clients highly individualized coaching through one-on-one sessions and small group sessions limited to six or less participants.

Aaron Ellis has traveled across the country training fitness instructors in gyms and health clubs for years. He witnessed participants struggling to keep up in typical high intensity classes, and instructors not having the right tools and exercises to help them.

During his travels, he saw a need for an alternative, specifically for people new to exercising, and the 50+ age group. Aaron also realized the need to change the no pain-no gain mentality to a culture of support and acceptance for people to exercise and progress at their own pace. So, Aaron opened up his first location of Live Life Moving in Asbury Park, NJ and the enthusiastic response from the community was overwhelming.

Many of Aaron’s clients in New Jersey had second homes in St. Pete, FL, and they thought his business would be a great addition to the community here. Aaron had considered opening a location in the ‘Burg before, and quickly identified a diverse population of people his business could help.

Aaron’s new studio in St. Petersburg is located at 1393 S. Pasadena Blvd., South Pasadena, FL.

Visit or call/text 727-202-779.