The Shine’s On: Local Union LLC

Posted On 11/13/2021 by Bianca Soler

No matter a businesses size or specific problem, Local Union aims to be a resource their clients can rely on if they need help, and they promise to be accessible and approachable to all. Formed in the summer of 2020, Local Union offers general business consulting and coaching, focusing specifically on strategy, business plans and business development. What sets them apart? Every customer solution they provide is tailored to the specific needs of that individual business owner.

The owners, Maggie Butler and Brent Hallinger, have combined their 15+ years of real-world experiences and educations in finance, sales, competitive analysis and revenue management to form Local Union with the passion and goal to help small businesses thrive.

“We do not believe in a step-by-step program or one-size fits all solution as every client’s needs and dreams are unique,” Hallinger said. “We bring a wealth of knowledge from 15+ years of experience working in corporate finance and strategic planning to small businesses that just need a little help from an outside perspective.  Each client is not a transaction, and we focus on developing a relationship so that the business owner has someone they can trust.”

Maggie and Brent always discussed starting their own business, but had tentatively planned for 2025. However, an opportunity came up in 2020 during the pandemic and they decided to accelerate their plans.

Community and helping small businesses was always the idea. Maggie and Brent spent several months talking to business owners of all sizes and industries, gaining an understanding of their biggest challenges.

“These conservations were transformative in helping us determine the exact business we would open as it became clear to us that many small business owners have challenges they deal with on a daily basis – whether it’s cash flow, project planning to grow the business or business plans for SBA loans, everyone had challenges,” Butler said. “These were all items we felt confident we could help with so we opened our consulting business with these conversations in mind.”

Through their conversations, Maggie and Brent realized how distracted business owners were by day-to-day operations, leaving little time to address these challenges and that’s where Local Union came in to help.

“Some of our clients are getting ready to open up a second retail location and need help growing and scaling their business,” Hallinger said. “While other clients are in manufacturing and are generating multi-million in sales, but they need help projecting cash flow.  Others are just getting started and have an idea, but need a business plan for the SBA loan approval process.  While we can’t provide a solution for every single challenge, we aim to be a good starting point and will connect our clients with someone who can help if we are unable to.”



While our business is based out of Dunedin, FL, we joined the St. Pete Chamber because of the amazing culture and vibrancy of the city.  As our business is ready to grow in the Tampa Bay Area, St. Pete made perfect sense and we’re thrilled to start getting more involved in the scene and meet more business owners in the St. Pete Chamber.

Maggie also went to USF so coming to the Tampa Bay Area was a homecoming of sorts.  St. Pete is the place to be when family and friends come to town – it’s a hidden gem.


We always offer a free 30-minute consultation with prospective clients so please reach out to or to see if there is anything we can help you with!

Additionally, we just launched our 2022 Strategic Plan product and have limited spots available.  In this annual Strategic Plan, we build a project plan, marketing and sales plan, implementation roadmap and provide financial projections to help you get your business to the level you want.  This is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants the upcoming year to be the best year yet and have a clear roadmap and goals in mind.  If you wait to do these goal-setting until January, you’re already playing catch-up!

While you might think now is too early to start planning your 2022 profits, trust us when we say “if you wait any longer, you’ll miss the opportunity to be ready ON January 1!”. The best way to prepare? Create an annual Profit Plan!

An annual plan is your ignition to spark your business starting on Jan 1. It represents a perfect opportunity to review & plan:

  1. Overall health of business
  2. Upcoming priorities
  3. Implementation plan / focus areas in finance, sales, marketing & more
  4. Financial goals for the year
  5. General direction of business

Reach out to us!