The Shine’s on Marketing Direction

Posted On 05/06/2019 by St. Pete Chamber

It was 2009 and Christy Vogel, President and Founder of Marketing Direction, saw a real need for companies who had laid off their marketing team to have a marketing presence in order to survive the economic downturn. Part-time CFO companies were making a name for themselves around the US at that time, and Vogel researched their model and established Marketing Direction, an organization of outsourced marketing experts. She reached out to a few of her marketing colleagues to get an understanding from them of the interest of working as an outsourced executive-level marketing expert and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Marketing Direction clients like the fact they are able to have a complete marketing department, but only pay for it when they needed it. With a team of ten and growing, Marketing Direction marketers enjoy having the flexibility of working onsite with their clients AND in the comfort of their home office.

Marketing Direction has been in business for 10 years, and always had clients all throughout the Tampa Bay area, but now that their home base is in downtown St. Pete, they love having the ability to walk to business meetings, lunches, and networking events. “Last week, I had a meeting at our dog park at Camden Pier District,” said Vogel. “St. Pete business leaders are more open to that kind of vibe and we love it! The stress level goes down dramatically when you’re watching your dogs play during your meeting.” Vogel and her team also enjoy having some of the best views from their office location at 330 3rd Street South.  “I was catching up on some work a few weekends ago and looked out my office window to see the St. Pete Grand Prix in action. How many people can say they can watch an Indycar race (or a soccer game) from their desk chair?” Vogel expressed.

Marketing Direction provides clients with seasoned marketers, with a minimum of ten years’ experience. They work both onsite and virtually, to provide a solution to every marketing need from research to strategy, marketing planning to implementation, lending service to all aspects of marketing. “We provide every level of support from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to Director, Manager, content writer, social media expert, email marketing expert, SEO expert, graphic designer, etc.” explains Vogel. You can find a more in-depth video explanation of Marketing Direction’s client processes here.