The Shine’s on Molly’s Suds

Posted On 06/24/2019 by St. Pete Chamber

As the legislative efforts to enforce more sustainable practices throughout St. Petersburg continues to grow, so does the community’s dedication and response to a greener approach to life in the Sunshine City. Making her mark on this endeavor is pediatric nurse turned mom-prenuer, Monica Leonard, owner and founder of Molly’s Suds and The Refillery St. Pete.

Back in 2008, maneuvering through the strides of grief after unexpectedly losing her daughter Molly, Monica Leonard, was inspired to establish Molly’s Suds. Molly’s Suds manufactures and sells authentically safe laundry and household cleaning products, using Earth and plant-derived ingredients, with the deliberate intention of being safe for even the tiniest members of the household. 

Molly’s Suds has been a part of the greater St. Petersburg area since 2011, with the newest warehouse location in the Tyrone area. As of this past Earth Day, April 22, Leonard and her team have opened The Refillery St. Pete. The Refillery is a community store located within the Molly’s Suds warehouse, with an open floorplan so that guests are able to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of production processes.

The concept of The Refillery came about in thinking “it would be fun to connect with the community by offering the safe Molly’s Suds products as well as other household refillables,” said Leonard. The Refillery is designed for customers to be able to bring and reuse their own containers to get their refills on Molly’s Suds’ laundry products and household cleaning products, as well as locally produced soap, toothpaste, bath and body products, natural shampoos and conditioners, shower gels, and baby products – “all in the spirit of reducing our impact on the landfills and saving money while using safer products.”

The Refillery will eventually host community events that further their mission of providing safe household products and cleaners, while reducing household waste. Workshops to look out for include how to make an urban garden, DIY Deodorant, composting, and more.