The Shine’s on PedalPub – St. Pete

Posted On 04/30/2021 by St. Pete Chamber

PedalPub-St. Pete opened its doors 10 years ago, offering tours of the murals, bars, breweries, and overall beauty of St. Pete on 15-person, Dutch-made bikes. Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, friends on the town—singing, drinking, and having fun along the way!

PedalPub-St. Pete has partnered with local organizations and supported non-profits with thousands of dollars’ worth of donations. Recently, it started a program to promote other local businesses for free: the “Wooden Nickels Program.” At the beginning of each tour, all of PedalPub’s patrons are given a PedalPub-branded wooden nickel and a list of local businesses where it can be redeemed for a small discount. Currently “Wooden Nickel Partners” include Ferg’s, Avid Brewing, Dog Bar, and Kozuba Distillery—just to name a few.

“I started the program because I love St. Pete,” said Eric Olson, PedalPub’s owner. “I figured why not? It’s easy enough to do. This is a city and businesses that have supported PedalPub and I want to support them right back.”

“All I ask is that the Wooden Nickel Partners save the nickels so I can pick them up every couple of weeks—and maybe offer me a tasty beverage when I stop by—so we can reuse them,” he continued. “We all do better when we work together. St Pete is a wonderful town and every business adds to the fun!”

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