The SHINE’s on Sound Branding Ideas aka “The Jingle Writer”

Posted On 02/19/2021 by St. Pete Chamber Member

My specialty is making businesses’ First Impression a Lasting Impression by creating catchy slogans and setting them to memorable melodies, creating a more noticeable message that is also more likely to come to mind when their prospective customer is ready for what they have to offer.  In as little as 5 seconds we can create a mnemonic device through use of a jingle to make sure an ad isn’t just for today’s buyer but will resonate with anyone who sees and hears the ad.

In 1985 I set out on a path to become “the next Barry Manilow.”  As many folks know he got started as a jingle writer.  Like Barry, I too had the opportunity to work with an amazing female artist Belinda Womack, as a musician and writer with her band Kool Reflections back in the mid 80’s.   After many years working with and ultimately becoming a partner in another firm, the time had come to begin my own business.  I named my company Sound Branding Ideas because that is what I provide businesses.  I recently starting also using one of my web addresses “The Jingle Writer” under which I’ve grown a nice social media presence.

I have been writing slogans and jingles for nearly 36 years and started Sound Branding Ideas in May of 2013. In the Jewish faith the number 18 signifies Chai, or life and has great meaning.  In April I will actually celebrate Double Chai, 36 years as a jingle writer.

I am a sole proprietor however I have dozens of creative partners that work with me to produce the jingles I write for my clients.  Working with many different artists allows me to offer a considerable amount of variety in sounds and styles so that there isn’t one “Cary” sound to my clients’ jingles.   That and the fact that I offer an opportunity to hear a live demo with no cost or obligation but just an open mind and willingness to share some ideas as to what they’d like their brand to sound like.

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