The Shine’s on The Great American Franchise Expo

Posted On 10/11/2019 by St. Pete Chamber

The Great American Franchise Expo, coming up on October 26th and 27th, is a premier franchise trade show platform that connects hundreds of franchise businesses with potential owners.

The business was started with veterans of the franchising world pooling their experience to create the best franchise trade show on the planet. Their exhibitors are locally and nationally recognized franchise companies that operate hundreds of locations, employ thousands of people and generate millions in tax revenues in the states where they exhibit.

 The Great American Franchise Expo provides education through seminars from industry experts on topics including franchise law, financing, and other critical business concepts. Attending these expos will provide potential franchisees with the opportunity to network with leading industry executives and franchise developers. In addition, some franchise exhibitors offer a tour of their concepts through a virtual reality platform. Our educational seminars cover many topics related to business ownership, including: franchise law, finance, accounting, taxes, commercial real estate and marketing.

The Great American Franchise Expo on October 26th and 27th will feature concepts in a wide array of industries, such as automotive, education, senior care and food, showcasing mobile and retail businesses that offer absentee and owner-operator models. The expos feature industry experts and speakers who will share proven strategies that help create opportunities for entrepreneurs to own their own business and boost income.

St. Pete is a large, growing market with a dynamic population. Perfect for business growth! As the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, more entrepreneurs and investors are looking for opportunities to own their own business or generate additional income through franchise ownership, a viable path to financial freedom. The Great American Franchise Expo will bring unparalleled access to franchise experts, companies, and best practices.

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