The Shine’s on WOW! Business

Posted On 02/03/2020 by St. Pete Chamber

WOW! was founded in November 1996 in Denver, Colorado. A publicly traded telecommunications company, WOW! Business delivers an employee and customer experience that lives up to their name in all of their dealings, no matter how great or small. WOW!’s ongoing commitment to provide excellent service and create stress-free experiences for their customers is exemplified in their core values:

Respect: Treat others as you wish to be treated – know your customer.
Integrity: Choose to do what’s right.
Spirit of Service: Provide the WOW! experience by being reliable, easy to work with and pleasantly surprising to each other and to our customers every time.
Accountability: Deliver value enhancing work on time and as needed, utilizing our resources in their highest and best use.

“If we were a person, we’d likely be described as honest, sincere and likable. We are fun-loving. We like who we are. We love what we do. And we appreciate the people we serve. We’re a company of people who derive genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, and our customers. Which means doing things a little differently than most telecom companies. Like treating people as members of the human race, for starters. Fostering positive customer experiences at all transaction points. And taking a more personalized approach to serving our customers,” said Enterprise Account Executive, Steve Johnson.

This personalized approach includes providing solutions that are thoughtful and affordable. Delivering service that is not just responsive and satisfactory, but utterly personable. Honoring your time, and their word. “Being totally accountable for our actions. Giving you reason to believe in us. Not what you’d expect from a cable company, is it? Welcome to WOW! Business.”

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