What is all This Talk About CBD?

Posted On 06/24/2020 by St. Pete Chamber Member

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, may be one of the most broadly therapeutic plant extracts of our time. Your CBD Store’s CBD comes the industrial hemp plant and not the marijuana plant. This distinction is what makes the extract legal in all 50 states as well as increases the medical applications due to hemps natural chemical makeup compared to marijuana that is high in the psychoactive compound THC-9. Along with a lengthy list of therapeutic properties, it comes with the backing of the medical community, the World Health Organization. The importation of hemp products has been legal for some time, which has allowed a large amount of scientific research to be performed on CBD itself. Well over 1,500 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published identifying CBD as a potentially beneficial for a host of common ailments including all varieties of inflammation, pain management, treatment of cancers, prevention of Alzheimer’s, relief from anxiety, eradication of acne, epilepsy and the list goes on…

To understand how CBD exerts its effects, it is first important to understand our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is an entire system within the human (and most animals) just like the respiratory or digestive system. It is made up of the endocannabinoid molecules made up by the body itself (yes, our bodies make their own cannabinoids, just like the cannabis plant!) the receptors for these molecules, and the enzymes which create and break down the endocannabinoids. From a natural, therapeutic perspective, there is no question that CBD and hemps residual cannabinoids together may very well support the body’s healing in a great number of ways.

Your CBD Store carries the highest quality CBD products produced by SunMed. We control the production from soil to oil and have third party testing at every step of the way. SunMeds proprietary combinations of terpenes and advanced extraction process ensures that our CBD products are cutting edge in the industry.

With CBD being sold everywhere (it’s like the new Avocado Toast!) it’s important to know that you are getting a high-quality CBD product, and that’s just hard to know when you buy online. It’s also great to have someone to discuss your situation with and to be able to have your questions answered and help with choosing the be products and dosage for you.

Your CBD Store St. Petersburg is comfortable and calming, like a spa. Clients can come in to relax, enjoy a sample and have all of their questions answered by the knowledgeable and caring staff. “My mission is simple. To education the neighborhood on what CBD can do for them and help people feel better” Michelle Tolan, the Store Owner explains, “My clients come back again and again to enjoy the atmosphere and to let me know how much better they feel. I cannot imagine anything more rewarding! CBD is truly life changing for me and my clients. Personally, I don’t suffer from anxiety or chronic pain anymore.”

As well as helping people, CBD is also excellent for pets. Most Animals have the same endocannabinoid system as humans. Pets can be terrified of thunderstorms and the fourth of July can the scariest night of the year for fur babies. The tinctures and treats fly off the shelves during these seasons. Pets also suffer from inflammation, itchy’s and bad habits like constant licking. CBD is also great for aging dogs to take on a daily basis.

Michelle Tolan is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and owner of Your CBD Store St Petersburg. Call for a free consultation or just stop by for some free samples. 1219 Dr. MLK Jr. Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33701 727-767-0596  stpete@cbdrx4u.com  stpete.cbdrx4u.com