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Member Spotlight: RTB Health Associates

RTB Health Associates offers a much needed new approach to Corporate Health and Wellness Training. The RTB Health approach guides each employee to understand and build on what they do well, identify the few things that need to shift, and then find alternatives that seamlessly fit into their lives.


Theresa Matthews, is the founder of RTB Health and has been dreaming of making this her career for over a decade. In March 2022, the time was right to bring her unique perspective to the health challenges facing businesses…

"Health and wellness should not be a project. It should be a way of life. Seamless. As automatic as breathing, freeing employees to focus on their career, families, and special interests."

Matthews has called St. Petersburg home for six years. She moved here because of its inclusive values and how it transformed itself by reimagining and repurposing its assets. This is precisely what is needed to transform health in the US...Reimagine, Transform, Become. RTB-Health Associates!

For more information, visit the RTB Health website and social media pages.

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Industry: Corporate Health and Wellness Training

Special milestone:

I am so excited to share that my book "One Change, Changes Everything" is ready for release. This book contains small actions that lead to big results for your wellbeing and vitality.

Stay tuned as I share more including how to get yours!

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