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Advocating at the city, county, state and national levels.

Get involved with one or more of our committees to help drive public policy that will continue to make St. Pete the best place to live, work, play, and visit.

Public Policy Council
The Public Policy Council focuses on building and supporting the relationship between the business community and the public sector. It operates through a well-developed task force and committee system, advocating for issues affecting the economic growth and community vitality of St. Petersburg.

4th Tuesday of the month @ 8am - RSVP here

Committees and Task Forces
The Public Policy Council operates effectively through a well-developed Committee and Task Force system which studies each issue and informs the Council, with recommended positions.

The Transportation + HLUD Committee is a combined meeting for the first time in 2023.  The Transportation side is focused on both Regional Accessibility (Mass Transit and Interstates/Expressways) and Urban Mobility (micro-transit, Complete Streets, transit corridors).   These issues intersect with the development issues facing St. Petersburg including Workforce Housing.  Infrastructure, Zoning and Development are all key parts to ensuring St. Pete continues to “Grow Smarter” in the years to come.

2nd Tuesday of the month @ 8am - RSVP here 

The Downtown Waterfront Master Plan Task Force tracks projects and reviews the master plan updates which involve both private and public entities.  This committee works to maximize the potential of these plans while protecting the aspects that make St. Pete special.

Quarterly meetings, Monday @ 4pm - next meeting May 1 

The Sustainability Task Force works with local stakeholders to amplify and advance an equitable clean energy economy, while highlighting business leadership in the areas of clean energy, climate action, and resilience.

2nd Thursday of EVERY OTHER month @ 4pm - Next meeting April 13

The Education Task Force focuses on the need for adequate resources to help recruit, develop and retain talent in St. Petersburg.  Strong schools have strong economic impact, and a focus on workforce development benefits both the students & business community.

4th Thursday of EVERY OTHER month @ 4pm - Next meeting March 23

The Legislative Task Force is comprised of professionals from diverse industries that help guide the Chamber's annual legislative agenda and identify areas of focus of growth for our city.

Meetings are held on an as needed basis

Bills Related to Our Priorities - Legislative Session 2023

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