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Meet Align Foot and Ankle

Align Foot and Ankle was born out of necessity. When Dr. Barnett & his wife, Kelsey Barnett, saw how horrible patients have been treated by larger medical offices as well as insurance companies, they decided to BE THE CHANGE.

With over 11 years of Podiatric expertise, Dr. Barnett specializes in a wide spectrum of podiatry predicaments such as surgical ailments, pediatrics, sports injuries, and more. Patients receive cutting-edge, restorative treatments for the ankle and foot that are tailored to their unique needs in a comfortable spa-like environment.

"We treat all our patients like they are family. Dr. Barnett does house calls, shares his personal cell phone number so he can always be accessible..." 

The team at Align Foot and Ankle is passionate about providing boutique care affordably to the St. Petersburg community. Dr. Barnett and his team are dedicated to help people achieve optimal physical health, so they can lead optimal lives.



  • Authentic and local
  • Superior integrity
  • World-class service
  • Commitment to community
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