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Get to Know Herban Flow!

Having a hard time "finding your flow" as we enter the summer months? Meet Caitlyn and Michael Smith, owners of Florida's first non-alcoholic bottle shop, Herban Flow. For Caitlyn and Michael, "finding their flow" was driven by their own paths to health. Caitlyn was diagnosed with endometriosis and turned to herbs as a natural remedy and Michael just celebrated 3 years of sobriety!

The Smiths opened this non-alcoholic beverage haven “with the intent for the community to find alternatives to alcohol, learn about health and wellness products and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle." So whether you are looking for an energy boost, a stream of focus, social motivation or a wind down at the end of the night, you can enjoy a tasty beverage without the hangover or struggle the next day.

Michael and Caitlyn started this concept in 2022 by traveling to markets and festivals throughout Florida. The Smith's chose St. Pete as their first retail location because it "felt like home." They knew their concept would be well received because of the creativity and sense of community St. Pete offered.

"Unlike any other business in town; invaluable to have this kind of availability whether you are strictly NA or just looking to cut back." - Aaron, Tampa Bay, FL

Herban Flow offers a wide range of beverages, from non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits, to herbal infused beverages including kava, kratom, mushrooms and cannabis. In addition to the take home beverages, they also have a tasting bar for sampling beverages and space for events.

Herban Flow hosts a variety of events that flip the script on traditional socializing and show you that you can have a blast without the alcohol. Experience the magic of genuine connections and fun!

We are proud to have Herban Flow as a part of the St. Pete Chamber Family. Caitlyn graduated Entrepreneurial Academy in the Fall of 2022 and Herban Flow was just announced as a one of five finalists for St. Pete Pitch Night, presented by The Greenhouse.

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