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Celebrating National Sunglass Month with Sight360 | Enter the Sunglass Giveaway Contest!

In honor of National Sunglass Month, Sight360 is excited to announce a giveaway contest at each of its 13 optical locations. From June 19th to June 27th, interested participants can visit any Sight360 optical store, complete an entry form, and get a chance to win a pair of stylish sunglasses valued up to $250. Read on to learn how you can participate in this exciting giveaway and elevate your eyewear game!

Sight360's participation in The Vision Council's Annual National Sunglass Day on June 27 demonstrates their commitment to promoting the importance of wearing UV-protective eyewear throughout the year. By aligning with this initiative, Sight360 emphasizes the significance of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays and encourages individuals to prioritize their eye health. With 13 optical locations, including Opti-mart, Eye Associates of Pinellas, Pasadena Eye Center, Prado Eye Center, and Ryczek Eye Associates, Sight360 is well-positioned to spread awareness about the benefits of UV-protective eyewear.

Sight360 is a trusted eyewear provider that goes beyond offering stylish frames and lenses. Whether you're looking for fashionable prescription glasses, trendy sunglasses, or reliable eye care services, Sight360 aims to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Everyone can join in on the fun and post selfies with sunglasses and tag #sight360, #nationalsunglassday #solarflair




“We are blessed with an abundance of sunshine in the Tampa Bay area,” said Brian Hauser, CEO of Sight360. “Just as the sun’s rays can burn your skin, they can also harm unprotected eyes. While most people understand that sunscreen protects our skin, we are taking this opportunity to remind people about the importance of protecting their eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses, particularly with polarized lenses for all the beach lovers and boating enthusiasts in our area.” 

The American Optometric Association has these tips for selecting sunglasses:

  • Lens should have 100% UV protection.
  • Frames should be contoured, comfortable to wear and fit close to the face and head—not too large and not too small.
  • Alternately, if the front of sunglass frames is flat and not contoured, the temple arms should be wide enough to help prevent harmful UV rays from getting to the eyes through the sides of sunglasses.


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