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Get to Know: Orange Belt

Orange Belt Criterium: Speed, Community, and a Day of Festivities in St. Petersburg

In the vibrant city of St. Petersburg, a new local organization has emerged with a deep passion for sport, cycling, and community engagement. Orange Belt is on a mission to showcase the beauty of their region by hosting a major criterium cycling race right on the streets of St. Petersburg. The CRIT Championship Tour, a thrilling criterium bike race will be taking place Saturday, October 21st in the heart of the EDGE District. With enthusiasm and a warm welcome, they invite L39ION of Los Angeles, Justin Williams, and The Wasserman Media Group to join hands in creating an exhilarating day filled with racing and entertainment.

The CRIT Championship Tour is a thrilling spectacle that will take riders on a high-speed loop down Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North. This tight circuit ensures that spectators get to witness the action up close as the riders zoom by every sixty seconds or so, providing non-stop excitement. The event is designed not just for cycling enthusiasts but for the entire community.

At the heart of this remarkable initiative are the founders of Orange Belt, Nathan Stonecipher and Michael Rideout. Both proud St. Petersburg natives, they have not only witnessed the city's growth and transformation but have actively contributed to it. Their entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the local businesses they've established, which have become a part of the city's culture.

The race day event is free to the general public with options for VIP and Reserved Seating tickets. There will also be many different activity zones to keep attendees engaged including a Kids Zone, Makers Market and a Skateboarding Competition. In addition, a free community ride will be starting at Green Bench Brewing beginning at 9am.

As the dream of cycling enthusiasts in St. Petersburg becomes a reality, Orange Belt stands as a testament to the power of passion and community. It's a day of high-speed racing, diverse participation, and unifying festivities, all set against the beautiful backdrop of St. Petersburg's streets. Don't miss the CRIT Championship, a day that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the city's cycling culture.


Nathan Stonecipher is one of the visionaries behind Green Bench Brewing Co. one of the oldest breweries in St. Pete. With an unrelenting passion for craft beer and a heart full of love for his vibrant city, Nathan is a legit born and raised local titan.

Whether through his local EDGE District, St. Petersburg College, the Chamber of Commerce, or any number of projects that scratch an itch, Nathan likes to stay engaged. A small business owner by day and a cycling enthusiast by nature, Nathan is a testament to the spirit and flavor that define both his beers and his beloved city.


Michael Rideout is a St. Pete native with a passion for startups and sports. Having successfully sold his venture, Made Coffee, in 2021, he is now dedicated to bringing the excitement of criterium racing to our city's streets. He believes that cycling can be a life-changing sport for both physical fitness and mental health, and he aims to introduce it to more people within the community. Orange Belt is more than a race for Michael; it's a passion project that he hopes will become a St. Pete tradition for years to come.

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