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Dear Members,

Working a lifetime for our region, I have been blessed, humbled and shaped by amazing leaders who show up and care for our community.

We lost one of those leaders to cancer recently – David Pizzo,  Market President for Florida Blue.

It’s not an exaggeration to write that he had as much impact as any Tampa Bay executive in recent history. He showed up everywhere, and was invested in all the organizations and issues important to the quality of life for all in our communities.

He helped save our Chamber too – Dave was one of the first to step up and invest into the renaissance of our organization in 2011. I enjoyed his amazing curiosity and willingness to blaze new trails for the good of all.

I’ve spoken many times about the fingerprints and footprints we can leave as leaders. Dave’s are forever in more places than most.

It’s also a gentle reminder for me that time is short, fragile, but filled with the opportunity for good.

Our loss is my pause to be a bit more thankful for those in our life who we might just take for granted, assuming we’ll just see them at the next reception or event around town.

I wonder if there’s someone special who shows up with impact in your life that you’re expecting a “next event” conversation. Might just want to make that call today.

All my love Dave. Rest in peace.


Chris Steinocher

President/CEOSt. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

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