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The Ribbon Cutting at The Barn UPT

The Barn UPT: Ribbon Cutting and Beyond

 Introducing The Barn UPT:

This past week, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce had the privilege of commemorating a significant milestone for one of our cherished community gems, The Barn UPT. Celebrating its first anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, they have swiftly become a cornerstone for families seeking an inclusive, educational space for their children. Founded by Rachael Somerman, an alumna of our Fall 2023 Entrepreneurial Academy, The Barn UPT stands as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and community support.

The Journey of The Barn UPT:

Rachael Somerman embarked on this ambitious journey in June 2019, with the founding of Unlimited Pediatric Therapy. Recognizing a profound community need for a space where children, regardless of their developmental needs, could thrive, Rachael and her dedicated team, including Clinical Director Alex Miele, conceived The Barn UPT. Amidst the challenges of Covid-19, they observed an increased desire among parents for their children's socialization, connection, and community. It was born out of this need, aiming to offer a sanctuary where every child is welcomed, celebrated, and nurtured.

A Hub of Growth and Learning:

Since opening its doors in March 2023, they have evolved into much more than just a space for socialization. It now boasts a range of services, including a podcast, co-working spaces, and dynamic four-week programs designed to foster confidence and skills in children. With initiatives like "Babies Who Brunch" and "Toddler Chef Camp," They integrate essential life skills with fun, engaging activities, all under the guidance of specialized therapists.

Creating a Community Village:

One of Rachael’s core missions is to "create a village for families," ensuring that every child, regardless of their needs, has access to early education and a supportive community. This  exemplifies their mission, offering a blend of expert-led classes, play sessions, and parental support activities that bolster both children's development and familial bonds.

A Call to the Community:

As they celebrates this remarkable anniversary and looks forward to many more, we invite the St. Petersburg community to explore and engage with this extraordinary place. Whether you're a parent seeking a nurturing environment for your child, looking for co-working solutions, or interested in joining a parenting skill-building session, they welcome you.


The ribbon-cutting ceremony of The Barn UPT not only marks a year of exceptional growth and service but also reinforces our belief in the power of community-driven initiatives to create meaningful change. Let's continue to support spaces like The Barn UPT, where every child is given the opportunity to flourish. Here's to many more years of success, learning, and community building to come.

Visit and Discover the Magic:

Of The Barn UPT's for yourself and your family. Also, for more information on classes, co-working opportunities, and how you can become part of this vibrant community. Also, do you want to have a ribbon cutting? Check out info here, and all of your member benefits!

Rachael, owner of The Barn UPT, on graduation night of The Entrepreneurial Academy in the Fall of 2023.
Rooms in The BARN UPT
Children playing together in one of the rooms.
The Podcast Room that Rachael records "The Unfiltered Guide to Parenting"




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