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Shining a Light On: Keshawn's Korner

Keshawn baby

Keshawn who was affectionately known as “the baby” was a very charismatic young man, graduating from Canterbury School of Florida where he excelled both athletically and academically. Keshawn was a kind, loving, hardworking goal driven young man. He valued family and friends. He had a passion for sports, football being his favorite, he was very determined and whatever task he set he made sure to accomplish it. He moved with pure intentions, and integrity always stepping in to help others, his smile would light a room. He was a true all-American MVP!!

Our mission here at Keshawn’s Korner is to provide continued support for individuals facing any mental health challenges by providing a safe network of resources and assistance.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we're shining a light on Keshawn's Korner, a new Chamber member dedicated to providing support for individuals facing mental health challenges. Keshawn's Korner is dedicated to creating a safe network of resources and assistance with the purpose to educate individuals in underserved communities on the hidden aspects of mental health, while also raising awareness for suicide prevention.

About Keshawn's Korner

After losing her son, Keshawn, to suicide, Ricquesha Fuller created the nonprofit organization in his honor targeting youth in underprivileged communities.

"My goal in starting this community was to let the passing of my son be the guide that gives hope to those feeling hopeless and to provide help to those feeling helpless," Fuller said. "I want my son’s death to serve as a breath of life, if one life can help save another, then his mission is complete."

In Keshawn’s Korner, you are safe and free from judgment. You can exhale and release all of your thoughts and fears, knowing there is someone to listen and someone who cares.

Keshawn's Korner can help you:

  • Identify certain behaviors and/or settings that place you in an uncomfortable space mentally
  • Learn how to compartmentalize your emotions in a positive healthy manner
  • Climb your steepest mountain, overcome your biggest obstacle, and defeat your tallest giant.
  • Assure that your life matters and you are worth it

Keshawn's Korner also wants to bring the community year-long mentoring and support programs. 

"We promote awareness of youth mental health, particularly in disadvantaged communities. Our goal is to create open communication forums that enable individuals to confront their mental health issues with the support of their peers and others who have faced similar challenges."

How You Can Support Keshawn's Korner

  • Attend an upcoming event:
    • "Six-Thirteen" Mental Health Awareness Resource & Wellness Fair
      Saturday, June 15 from 10 AM - 2 PM
      1401 62nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Become a Mentor
    We match teens with mentors and peers who understand their mental health challenges. Our tailored support helps them achieve their goals and take control of their lives.
  • Volunteer and Change a Life
    Sharing your experiences with kids can help them overcome challenges, feel understood, and strengthen your bond. No matter your role, sharing your stories can profoundly impact their growth.
  • Donate or Sponsor
    To continue their efforts, Keshawn's Korner is seeking donations to help support programming and awareness around suicide and the resources that can help prevent it.


"I appreciate any support," Fuller said. "The most most important thing is creating this environment in St. Pete where we can talk about mental health and come together as a community when we see someone struggling, and use the resources learned through Keshawn's Korner to let them know they are not alone. That there is help, and that they are loved."


For more information, please visit


To donate or sponsor, please contact:

Phone: (727) 458-3917 | Email:

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