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Jake and Greg
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Introducing Our Children Have Rights .Org

Meet Greg Hill and Jake Hornstein, the Co-Founders of Our Children Have Rights .Org (OCHR), a nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding the rights of children to have access to their parents. Greg Hill, the CEO, and Jake Hornstein, the COO, have been instrumental in providing crucial support to parents navigating the child custody process. OCHR has been serving the community for three years, offering invaluable resources and support services.

The Story Behind the Mission

The inspiration behind OCHR stems from the lived experience of Greg Hill. As a non-custodial father, Greg faced numerous legal challenges in gaining custody of his son and establishing a successful co-parenting strategy. After encountering several setbacks with family law attorneys, Greg took matters into his own hands. Through relentless research and dedication, he educated himself on the child custody process in Florida and successfully achieved a favorable outcome.

In December 2020, Greg reconnected with longtime family friend Jake Hornstein. Together, they shared a vision to help more children by assisting parents. Their combined efforts led to the creation of OCHR, a web-based nonprofit that provides essential tools and resources to parents facing similar challenges.

What Sets OCHR Apart

OCHR offers a range of no-cost services, including:
- Consultations: Direct engagement with parents via Zoom, FaceTime, phone, email, and text.
- Document Review: Assistance with parenting plans and related documents.
- Virtual Resource Center: Education on legal processes, legal aid navigation support, and mental health and wellness resources.

OCHR’s mission is to protect children's rights by providing education, resources, and support services for successful co-parenting strategies. The organization prioritizes serving all willing and accountable parents, regardless of their circumstances. By being predominantly web-based, OCHR can engage with parents across the country, offering continuous, as-needed support at no cost.

Why St. Pete?

Jake Hornstein, a St. Pete-Clearwater resident since 2011, chose this vibrant community as the base for OCHR. The organization aims to make a significant impact on the St. Pete community by strengthening families, creating taxpaying citizens, and increasing public safety.

Impact on the Community

OCHR strives to prevent families from entering the child welfare system, lessen the burden on taxpayer-funded programs, and increase state revenues through regular child support payments. By supporting responsible and accountable parenting, OCHR contributes to a healthier, more self-sufficient community.

Join the Mission

OCHR’s work is vital, and the organization kindly asks for your support. Consider making a financial contribution to further their mission. Additionally, OCHR is a valuable resource for businesses, offering support to employees navigating difficult custody processes, ultimately benefiting both employers and employees.

Together, we can ensure that our children have the rights and support they deserve.

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