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Support the Tampa Bay Rays' New Stadium and Historic Gas Plant District Redevelopment

Why This Petition Matters

As a St. Petersburg Chamber member, I am personally invested in the prosperity and growth of our community. The proposed initiative by the Tampa Bay Rays to build a new stadium and redevelop the Historic Gas Plant District is not just about sports or architecture; it's about economic growth, community development, and increased prosperity for all of Pinellas County.

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce has already expressed enthusiastic support for this project. It's time we as citizens also voice our support for this transformative initiative.

According to studies on similar projects in other cities, new stadiums can contribute significantly to local economies (source: National Bureau of Economic Research). In addition to creating jobs during construction, they can stimulate ongoing economic activity through increased tourism and local spending.

Moreover, redevelopment projects like that planned for the Historic Gas Plant District have been shown to revitalize neighborhoods and create vibrant community spaces (source: Urban Land Institute). This project promises not only a new home for our beloved Rays but also a revitalized district that will benefit all residents.

Let us come together as a community to back this exciting proposal. Sign this petition today to show your support for the Tampa Bay Rays' new stadium and redevelopment of the Historic Gas Plant District!

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