Dr. Sandra Braham 

Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services

Ryan Griffin

Past Chair
Johnson Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns, LLP

Anne Pollack

Vice Chair – Advocacy
Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L

Wes Bryan

Vice Chair – Member Connect
Moore Resources Insurance

David Vetter

Vice Chair – NEXT
Tech Data

Jason Spears

Vice Chair – Secretary/Treasurer
Peninsular Mechanical Contractors Inc.

Jason Jensen

Vice Chair – Greenhouse, Business Navigation & Growth
Wannemacher Jensen Architects. Inc.

Dr. Tashika Griffith 

Vice Chair – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
St. Petersburg College

Paul Carder

Ex Officio  – Strategy

Jim Dickson

Ex Officio – General Counsel
Adams and Reese LLP

Sarah Guest

Ex Officio – Communications

Voting Members: 

Sarah ArtzHSN, Inc.
Jeff Baker, Duke Energy
Kimberly Berfield, Johns Hopkins All Children’s​ Hospital
Roy Binger, Pilot Bank
Martha Boden, SPCA Tampa Bay  
Manny BhullerThe CI Group
Tim Coop, Hancock Whitney Bank
Clint DeRondaPNC Bank
Chuck Egerter, The Guardian Eagle
Michael Esposito, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Danielle Findley,  Florida Print Solutions Inc. 
Todd Gehrke, Don Cesar
Tina Gilmore, Regions Bank
Marcus Greene, Truist
Tee Grizzard, Lassiter Ware Insurance
Skylar Hunt, Trulieve
Roy James Jr., Roy James Jr. Insurance​
Dr. Shameka Jones, Florida Blue
Juliet Kyes, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay
Kelly Kirschner, Eckerd College
Dontriel Lawson, JAPOSID Cleaning Services
Owen LaFave, Bank of Tampa
Andy Latimer, Bluewater Media
Christopher Lopez, TECO Peoples Gas
Madeline McCarthy, TJM Properties
Shaun McClung, CBIZ MHM, LLC
John Moore, Bayfront Health
Kerry O’Reilly, Tampa Bay Times
Jodi Perry, Raymond James
Scott Smith, St. Anthony’s Hospital
Valerie Powell Stafford, Northside HCA
Bill Walsh, Tampa Bay Rays
Bob Warchola, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Kathy Wright, Valley Bank
Steve Westphal
, St. Pete Hospitality Group

Ex Officio Members:

Alison Barlow, St. Pete Innovation District
Kelly Black, BLK Accounting & Consulting 

John Collins, St. Pete Arts Alliance

JP DuBuqueSt. Pete EDC
Sarah Guest, Cyberlicious
Rev. Watson Haynes, Pinellas County Urban League
Lindsay Petty, LSP Chair, City of St. Petersburg
Jason Mathis, St. Pete Downtown Partnership
Mike MeidelPinellas County Economic Development 
Jay Miller, HLUD Task Force Chair,  J Square Realty & Development Corporation
Albert Lee, ONE Community
Pastor Louis Murphy Sr., 2020 Plan​
Brittany Ranew, SPYP Chair, Premier Sotheby’s Int’l Realty
Attorney Karmika Rubin, St. Pete Business League
Debbie Turner, LSPAA
Dr. Kanika Tomalin, City of St. Petersburg
Freddy Williams, Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast

General Counsel (Non-Voting): 

Jim Dickson, Adams & Reese LLP
Paul Carder

Past Chairs

L.Y. Jenness 1899
A. P. Avery 1902
W. A. Holshouser 1903
F. A. Wood 1905
James D. Bell 1906
Noel A. Mitchell 1907
Roy S. Hanna 1908
A. F. Bartlett 1909
A. P. Avery 1910
S. D. Harris 1911
Lew B. Brown 1912
William L. Straub 1913
Charles R. Hall 1914
Arthur Norwood 1915
Paul R. Boardman 1916
Fred Pierce Lowe 1917
Charles R. Carter 1918
Bradford A. Lawrence 1919
William L. Watson 1920
L. Chauncey Brown 1921
Herman A. Dann 1922
John W. Coburn 1923
Bradford A. Lawrence 1924
John N. Brown 1925
Ed T. Lewis 1926
Bird M. Latham 1927
W. L. Tillinghast 1928
Robert J. McCutcheon, Jr. 1929
E. Clarence Reed 1930
William A. Kenmuir 1931
Paul R. Barnes 1932
Bayard S. Cook, Sr. 1933
Sterling B. Bottome 1934
W.F. Davenport 1935
James D. Bourne 1936
Oscar W. Gilbart 1937
Laverne Thomas 1938
J. C. Hughey 1939
Charles D. Beeman 1940
John Dickinson 1941
Paul M. Brown 1942
Walter C. Gregory 1942
Weyman Willingham 1943
Rogers W. Addington 1944
Thos. C. McCutcheon 1945
A. W. Higgins 1946
J. E. Bryan 1947
William J. Grant 1948
Everett Sumner 1949
Ray D. Peterson 1950
Ray J. Knipe 1951
Mel G. Irwin 1952
Elon C. Robison 1953
Robert W. Fisher 1954
C. Gray Egerton 1955
William H. Mills 1956
Orville K. Cook 1957
Walter G. Ramseur 1958
J. Mercer Brown 1959
Alfred L. Schelm 1960
Richard A. Parker 1961
Byron C. Shouppe 1962
Garnette J. Stollings 1963
W. F. Davenport, Jr. 1964
Robert P. Crisp 1964
Robert P. Crisp 1965
John B. Lake 1966
Fred D. Horton 1967
Don L. Spicer 1968
Richard C. Johnson 1969
Adrian S. Bacon 1970
Frank Byars 1971
Laurence T. Herman 1972
George E. Tornwall, Jr. 1973
Richard T. Earle, Jr. 1974
Gary R. Froid 1975
Thomas E. McLean 1976
Arthur E. Hempel, Jr. 1977
Joseph H. Lang, 1978
L. Eugene Oliver, Jr. 1979
Jean Giles Wittner 1980
James T. Lang 1981
Howard W. Nix, Jr. 1982
David J. Fischer 1983
Joseph T. Lettelleir 1984
C. W. McKee, Jr. 1985
W. Richard Johnston 1986
Roy G. Harrell, Jr. 1987
Neil W. Savage 1988
John H. O’Hearn 1989
David H. Wilbanks 1990
Paul C. Reilly 1991
David L. Robbins 1992
Catherine Heron 1993
James W. Albright 1994

​John P. Higgins 1995
R. A. Davis 1996
David P. Feaster 1997
William G. Tapp 1998
Richard M. Baker 1999
Joel B. Giles 2000
Bernadette Young 2001
Terrence E. Brett 2002
Leroy Sullivan, Jr. 2003
Howard P. Ross 2004
Craig Sher 2005
John “Jed” Wilkinson 2006
Ford N. Kyes 2007
James W. Albright 2007
Charles M. Harris 2008
Steven A. Raymund 2009
Sidney W. Morgan 2010
Mark V. Wimberly 2011
David R. Punzak 2012
David R. Punzak 2013
Marcus W. Greene 2014
William G. Ulbricht 2015
W. Gregory Holden 2016
​Jim Donatelli 2017
Anne Drake McMullen 2018
Bill Kent 2019
Ryan Griffin 2020