Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce® values diversity and equality as core fundamentals of a healthy and vibrant community. Utilizing the skills, ideas and perspectives of a diverse workforce will make St. Petersburg a better and more lucrative city in which to work and live. St. Pete’s continued economic growth will be sustained through development of these fundamentals.

The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board is a function of the Chamber’s Executive Committee. If you are interested in participating in the Chamber’s diversity and inclusion efforts, please contact Ronnell Montgomery, Executive Coordinator, at rmontgomery@stpete.com

Anti-Racism Resources

  • Take the Race Equity Pledge.
  • Review and practice the Racial Equity Primer, a framework for conversations about racial and economic inequities in the USA against the backdrop of COVID-19.
  • Mental health activist Myisha T. offers courses and workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching, through her Check Your Privilege program, “a guided journey that deepens your awareness to how your actions affect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color.” To create an equitable society, there must be a commitment to making unbiased choices and being antiracist. Learn how to advocate for equity.

Community Partners

Grow Smarter St. Petersburg

Grow Smarter is an economic development strategy with a focus on equity. We operate as a collective impact initiative with the mission to reduce gaps by race and place by creating equitable economic growth.

Mission: Build an inclusive, multi-sector initiative to create equitable economic growth in St. Petersburg.

Vision: St. Petersburg will grow equitably and have a vibrant, diversified economy that benefits all.

Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg & Center for Health Equity

Mission: To end differences in health due to social or structural disadvantages to improve population health. We do this by inspiring and empowering people, ideas, information exchange, organizations and relationships.

Vision: Every person equitably achieves optimal health and well-being.

UNITE Pinellas

Furthering a just, fair and equitable Pinellas County where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

Hispanic Outreach Center

We are a social services organization established to reach out, provide services, and support the Hispanic community in Pinellas county.

Green Book of Tampa Bay

About Us: Green Book of Tampa Bay was established out of a passion for achieving equity for Black people in Tampa Bay. Part of that work means assuring the economic vitality of the Black community. Our name is a nod to the ``Negro Motorist Green Book,`` the guidebook listing safe places for Black Americans traveling across Jim Crow America. Now we aim to provide you with information on Black historical and cultural sites, Black artists, and Black-owned businesses in Tampa Bay that ALL people can support. We hope that the Green Book of Tampa Bay serves as a mobile travel guide and becomes your first stop for ANY service that you need.