Our St. Pete community, and the businesses we all love, need your help reaching flock immunity and protection from COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

The #DoItForTheBurg campaign is an initiative between The St. Pete Chamber, the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, designed with residents and business owners in mind. Through this partnership, the campaign was designed to help bring vaccination pop-ups directly to our community; eliminating the need for scheduling and stepping away from work.

Those who get vaccinated at one of our pop-up events will receive a special “Vaxx Pin”. If you have been fully vaccinated and would like a pin for yourself, your family or team, please contact Bianca Soler.

Help protect your community by becoming a Vaccine Navigator! Join the Beat COVID-19 Pinellas Team and educate residents about COVID-19 vaccines and help direct them to vaccination sites.

Navigators go door-to-door in neighborhoods, attend community events and more.

*Must be 18+, live in Pinellas County and have reliable transportation. Must have COVID-19 vaccination. $17/hour and up to 30 hours/week. To learn more, contact kyandra@healthystpete.foundation.

Looking for ways to encourage your employees to get vaccinated? Here are some ways employers are encouraging employees to get vaccinated:

  • Offer employees two days of paid time off in case they are feeling down the day after their shot (one day for each vaccine dose)
  • Offer a cash incentive (ex. one-time payment of $100 with proof of full vaccination)





Percentage of Pinellas County population that has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, by race and ethnicity. Race is unknown for 13% of vaccinated residents; ethnicity is unknown for 33% of vaccinated residents.

Vaccination Rates among Age Groups by Race/Ethnicity

When vaccination rates among race and ethnicity where broken down into age groups, the following interpretations were made:

Pinellas County now sees a low uptake of vaccination among different age groups when compared across race and ethnicities.

  • The lowest rates observed within the 12-18 age group are among Black residents (26.3%) when compared to White residents (46.5%).
  • The lowest rates observed among Black residents are within the 25-34 age group (22.4%).
  • The lowest rates observed among White residents are within the 25-34 age group (41.7%).
  • The lowest rates observed among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic residents are within the 19-24 age group (39.6% & 34.1%).

Pinellas residents between the ages of 19 – 54 have a lower rate of vaccination when compared to the 55+ population.

  • The lowest rates are observed within the 25-34 age group (41.7% of White residents and 22.4% of Black residents), followed by the 19-24 age group (44.5% of White residents and 23.9% of Black residents).