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4R Strategy: The St. Pete Way

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce® is working to help Greater St. Pete rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Using the “4R’s framework in concert with the Florida Chamber of Commerce (Relieve, Reopen, Recover, and Reimagine), the Chamber is leading efforts to strengthen businesses, their employees, and their families by providing immediate relief needs, preparing for safe reopening, putting recovery plans into place, and reimagining  a more sustainable and resilient St. Pete.

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The St. Pete Way


The St. Pete Chamber, in partnership with The Greenhouse, Grow Smarter St. Petersburg, and the Greater St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corporation (EDC), launched a series of relief efforts targeted at businesses, their employees, and underserved communities to support their immediate needs. These efforts included providing financial information, discounts on teleworking tools, marketing member businesses, and launching virtual learning sessions.


In addition to continued relief efforts, the Chamber and its partners will now also focus on what information businesses can look to as the state of Florida and the St. Petersburg community enter the various phases of reopening, while protecting public health.