Advocacy Committees

Housing, Land Use, & Development Committee (HLUD)

Chair: Jay Miller, J Square Realty & Development Corp.

Vice Chair: Jillian Bandes, Bandes Construction

The HLUD Committee focuses on the development issues facing St. Petersburg. Housing, Infrastructure, Zoning and Development are all key parts to ensuring St. Pete continues to “Grow Smarter” in the years to come.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4:00 PM

Legislative Committee

Co-Chair: Albie Kaminsky, Spectrum

Co-Chair: Jason Rodriguez, Baycare

The St. Petersburg Chamber’s legislative and policy priorities are developed by its Legislative Committee. The Legislative Agenda, which is published annually, articulates the underlying principles that shape Chamber public policy statements and determine our legislative priorities. The Legislative Committee meets as necessary.

Meetings: As necessary

Sustainability Committee

Chair: Brandon Johnson, Stantec

Vice Chair: Jessica Icerman, Stearns Weaver Miller

The Sustainability Committee’s mission is to advise, educate and promote to Chamber members and our community best methods and practices as they relate to prolonging natural environments, economic vitality, and healthy communities.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM

Transportation Committee

Chair: Patrick Causey, Trenam Law

Vice Chair: John Barkett, Barkett Realty

The Transportation Committee is focused on both Regional Accessibility (Mass Transit and Interstates/Expressways) and Urban Mobility (micro-transit, Complete Streets, transit corridors). All Tampa Bay Area agencies and stakeholders are ex-officio members and give regular updates on their projects at the meetings.

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 8:00 AM

Education Committee

The Education Committee develops and advances policies that will support elevating St. Petersburg  to become “The Education City” by 2035.

Meetings: TBD

Rays 2028 Committee

The Rays 2028 Committee will work to develop a solution to keep the Rays in St. Pete for generations  to come.

Meetings: TBD

Advocacy Task Forces

In addition to our standing committees, the Chamber convenes Task Forces on specific topics when necessary. Current Task Forces include:

Downtown Waterfront Master Plan

Chair: Ross Preville, St. Pete Wealth Management Group at Raymond James

If you are interested in joining an Advocacy Council, Committee or Task Force, please contact VP of Advocacy, Matt Lettelleir, at